Start making your plans today to attend
TEST N TUNE JUNE 15 ,16 2019

Pre registration forms for this event are available at DC Performance in Thunder Bay or call Darlene McArthur in Terrace Bay at 823-1444.

Price is $150 to pre register or $175 at the gate.


In conjunction with this years Test N Tune, 807 Drag Racing Community will be hosting a Street Car Shoot Out.
There will be no additional cost to enter this event but you must be registered for the Test N Tune


All entrants must be registered for Test N Tune. There is no additional fee to enter this event.
All entrants must go through tech.

All entrants must be registered by 10:30 Saturday morning at Brian Godecki's Pit. (location will be given)
Meet for Cruise at 11:00 am in parking lot before main gate
Cruise to leave at 11:15
Proceed to Schreiber Arena Parking Lot
Draw first round at the stop
Group photo
Cruise back to the Track in Terrace Bay
Back at track @ approx 1:00 - 20 minute cooldown
First Round starts
Anyone that loses in the first round goes into the last chance ladder

Be sure to register at DC Performance

All vehicles entered in this event must meet all guidelines of the Highway Traffic Act and must be able to complete the cruise to Schreiber and back.

There is to be no speeding, horse play or burn outs on the cruise. Any one caught breaking this rule will be disqualified from the event.

This is a club event so lets send out a positive message to any spectators.
Have a great time and we will see you at the Track


come celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Dragfest 

with us 

Back by popular demand " The Mid West Wild Bunch"


Quick 16 Race      

QUICK 16 will be ran at Dragfest for a third year

QUICK 16 is following the same rules that the Super Pro category uses,   no delay boxes or electronically controlled throttle stops are allowed.

On Friday the last session of Super Pro will be the first session of qualifying for the QUICK 16.

At the end of the day Friday results of this run will be posted at   the Tech Shack.

On Saturday there will be two more chances to qualify in Super Pro to move up,   or get into the field which would consist of 16 cars plus 2 alternatives.

  Qualifying runs for the Quick 16 are the last time trial on Friday and the second and third time trial on Saturday

The results for Saturdays time trials will be posted   ( after each run if possible ) in the Tech Shack.

On Sunday there will be one more final time trial to determine the final ladder. The top 16qualify, the alternatives move back to Super Pro.   The time trial they did for the Quick 16 will be considered   their time for the finals .

    In case of rain the ladder will be built on the way you qualify.  

Basically we're pulling the fastest super pro cars out to have a run off against each other on a sportsman ladder, where #1 qualifier runs against #9 and so on until only 2 cars remain for the finals, which will run off for Winner and Runner-up finishers.

  what you dial on your car is up to you

good luck 

Dragfest and Test N Tune for Superior Classics 

     We can't wait until this year!       

The planning and organizing for this year has already begun. If you would like to volunteer to help plan and organize this years event, or just want to volunteer at the event, please contact us! Dragfest wouldn't happen without volunteers, so why not donate some time! 

Cool Video on Youtube by Brian Woods on the Dragfest

For More Information

General Inquiries
Email the Superior Classics Car
Technical Inquiries
There is no pre-tech for  Dragfest
if you have any questions please feel free to call Richard Abbot (807) 629-0934

         All Tech cards must be signed by Tech Personnel only. Racer wrist bands must be shown at this time