Dragfest in Terrace Bay


Thank you for helping make DRAGFEST 2016 a

success for the 17th season!

Check out this years winners.

  We Can't Wait Till Next Year!!!
The planning and organizing for this year has already begun. If you would like to volunteer to help plan and organize this years event, or just want to volunteer at the event, please contact us ! Dragfest wouldn't happen without volunteers, so why not donate some time! 
DRAGFEST 2017  AUGUST 4, 5, 6, 2017

Thanks to THE MID WEST WILD BUNCH. These cars ran 8.5 seconds or faster. Visit their website to see their incredible cars.

Download the 2015 Dragfest Poster  

Important - Changes to Camping

Terrace Bay Tourism Information - Maps, Itinararies, etc

Visitor Guide for Terrace Bay (Updated for  Dragfest)

Vendor Information - You Need to Register in Advance!!!


Video of the 2012 Dragfest and Teaser for this Year's Event

For More Information

General Inquiries

Email the Superior Classics Car Cub 

Technical Inquiries

There is no Pre-Tech for DRAGFEST


Vendor Information

Email Darlene McArthur

or Call 1-807-823-1444


Great Video By by RyanTemps from Dragfest 2011!!!

Hope to See You Again at  Dragfest for Another Rematch!!!